We aren’t designers, tech evangelist nor do we have years of experience. But we just really loved design, tech and people. We were obsessed with teaching ourselves and others on ways to create memorable experiences while architecting customer-centric solutions. Take a glance, in-depth case studies for our selected projects will be coming soon.
selected projects

creative direction

brand identity

experiential website

Al-Asafar: A Timeless Journey

UNESCO & National Geographic collaborated to capture the history of Islam in a positive & poetic way.

slack architecture

survey design

knowledge base

GHRC: Make Digital Learning, More Human

Designing a digtal communication strategy that works in favor toward a sustainable global research foundation.

clinical trial management

patient experience

system map

Janssen Study: A Twilight Zone for Coordinators

Navigating COVID-19 via clinical trial management to enrich team communications & accountability.

prototyping & testing

stakeholder analysis

product design

Lucent: The Third Parent

Concepting a smart mirror that is personalized to help track infant milestones and prevent intellectual disabilities.


go-to-market strategy


Midnight Temple: Pandemic Pivot

Post-pandemic solution for a new Indian Gastropub to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

event management

attendee feedback system

marketing assets

NAAMA: Rethinking the Future of Conference

Strategizing a memorable virtual medical convention for executive from Hikima Pharma, UNICEF, Bain Capital & others.

functional prototype

voice app

ethnographic research

Piaro: Found in Translation

AI-assistant web browser extension to bridge the gap between business & technology enablement.

minimum viable experience

value-network analysis


Qortor: Sell Experiences, Not Products

Reimagining commerce as an experience by helping local vendors sell video-first to their consumers.

aws cloud architecture

partnership development

web app

The Memo: The New Normal, Told By You

Setting up a phone line to connect people through a space to express themselves anonymously through a simple voice message.